OK, so you’ve read the blog, you’ve a fair idea what’s going on and you know that I like varying shades of grey, along with travelling and finding cheap places to eat and drink. So, what next?


Well, if you appreciated the site as much as I hope you have, then you’d probably want to donate some hard-earned cash to me (via Paypal, say). Or send me an e-mail and ask me if I’d like to come and work for you for an obnoxiously high salary.


Chances are though, that’s not what you want to do, so why not find me at any one of these fine social media outlets, add me and let’s get to know each other…

Be sure to announce your allegiance...or not...

If facebook’s your thing, you can find me on Add me – but make a little note that your from the site, only I have something of an issue with random people adding me who seem confused and alternate their profile picture between a cartoon and a hot girl. Or worse.


If one the other hand, 140 characters or less is your ideal way to say hi, and you’re into the whole Twitter vibe, then you can find me there too, at


If you’re a busy young (or old) professional, you’re probably more of a LinkedIn fan – that’s fine, I don’t use it often, but you can find me there too, just Click Here!


If social media and its ilk simply isn’t your thing, don’t worry, be happy, you can just send me an e-mail to andy [at], where the little [at] is actually an @.


Look forward to hearing from you!

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