About Andy

Aside from work on the site, I tend to my imaginary camel-caring charity…

Who writes this trash anyway?

This is a question I find myself regularly asking, without ever coming up with a decent answer.


I’m Andy Mcfarlane, former student at the Dublin Institute of Technology where I (against all odds it must be said) graduated with a surprisingly high grade in Business Studies before going to work in Malaysia’s sunny capital, Kuala Lumpur for a number of months. I was then living in Germany for the better part of a year honing my online skills before returning home to Ireland to check out what the recession has to offer me.


Turns out, that’s not very much in fact. Fast forward a year and a half on, and here I am, back out in Asia, having forged a semi-successful career as a freelance, as well as successfully masquerading as a tech/marketing guru. I’ve also published a book, Bitten by the Travel Bug and continue to struggle to share every aspect of my life online, even though as an online marketer, it’s my duty.


At this point, it’s pretty much a complete guess what way my career path will go from here – in spite of best efforts, so I’ll continue to share the news and updates on that, where I am, where I’m going and tales from the travelling life.

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