About Images

Red sky at night...Hi there, this is the image policy, please read it before snatching one of the pictures for use elsewhere!

One of the staples of making this site interesting over the years, especially when it comes to writing about travels or issues of airline pricing that could bore the socks off most nearly everyone, has been to use only pictures I’ve taken myself.


That means no pictures that came from someone else’s blog, or some companies’ press pictures that were carefully shot during a day-long photo session, or from anywhere else. When I need a picture for something, I’ll go get it myself. The only ever exception to this has been in cases where I didn’t write a post – in sponsored posts, for example, identifiable by being in the ‘sponsored’ category.


If you like the pictures on this site and really want to use them for something, let me know and more than likely, you can go ahead and use them with acknowledgement back to this site. But please, don’t just presume they’re free for the tacking without contacting me first – otherwise I’ll contact you before long, and I do actively search for my images online. If you want to use one of the images for a commercial purpose, there will almost certainly be a fee payable – please do not take a picture before contacting me first.


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